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Still not found the perfect velvet dress? Time for a Pimp-me-up-Tutorial!


I’ve always loved designing clothes and sketching my own dream outfits. But to actually transfer a sketch into a perfect garment takes many more steps. Sewing machines aren’t my best friends and almost every attempt ended horrific. Therefore my ideas remain mostly on paper.

This little tutorial here doesn’t need much Know-How and time, since I just want to show you how to pimp up a boring dress. It’s nothing super creative, but who doesn’t store a few unexciting pieces in his closet, to give it a try?

You’ve probably noticed the latest velvet trend. It comes and goes every few years and I totally adore those shiny pieces of fabric. Since I was tired of searching the right dress this season, I bought something very basic to add some little extras by myself.

While I didn’t want to spend much money and wasn’t sure about the outcome, I ordered a dress from a low budget store. As expected: The dress wasn’t just a basic dress, it had a hilarious high slit at the front, which I needed to fix first.


Preparing the “white canvas”: Fixing the weird front slit

The lace challenge:

A little piece of lace can immediately transform your basic garment into something little bit more exciting and give it a romantic touch. It’s probably the easiest way to pimp a dress and therefore something you should also be aware of, when you are buying clothes. In my believe it’s something like the designer’s cheat-sheet in form of fabric. I’m always asking myself, if I would buy that piece, if those lace trims wouldn’t be attached. It really helps to develop an eye for well tailored clothes.

velvet dress diy

Here it goes:

Get some nice lace trims in a matching color. You shouldn’t get the cheapest one, if you already work on a cheap dress. If you’re not from France or Italy, you should probably buy the trims online (special store, Etsy, Ebay,…).


As you can see, the longer the lace, the more drama you add.


Since I have very pale skin, black lace tends to look gothic on me. Therefore I’m choosing a nice beige, which suits the dark green colored dress perfectly.

Attach the trims where ever you want, just don’t overdo it. It works great on collars, sleeves and along seams (I wouldn’t go for more than one option!).


Hand sewing like a pro! :/

After you’ve applied the trim with some needles, make sure that you really like the look and try the dress on. Apparently this step can be painful, so keep an eye on all the pins!
Now sew the parts together. With the stretchy fabric I felt more comfortable with hand sewing, but sure you can use a machine instead, if you are used to it.

I hope this was helpful and I would love to see some of your DIY projects!




coffeeandlipstick flat lay velvet








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