Dear Sylvie

Gucci Sylvie Black and Hallhuber lace dress

O-M-G I might need some Gucci therapy this year, I just can’t help it. I’m obsessed with my Gucci Sylvie, I could buy this bag in every color and every size they offer. Maybe because of the not so small price tag, I can still resist.
I was going crazy, when I saw this dress last week. Green lace, usually not my taste, but here it works perfectly. Yes, it reminds me of Gucci’s 2016 collection (much more greener than this one) – but whatever. The reason why I love the dress: it looks like it is made for this bag!

Green lace dress: Hallhuber, Bag: Gucci Sylvie black




Gucci Sylvie Blogger Black

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